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I am a horrible mom

As I type this I'm just sitting here crying. My toddler is out of control and I can't fix the situation. She does not listen. To anything. You ask her to come here so you can dress her and she runs in the opposite direction. She doesn't nap, wakes up 3+ times at night screaming, and does not sit down for a second from the time she wakes up until she passes out at night. She gets into, tears apart, destroys, trashes and messes everything up. I can't do it anymore. All I do is yell and threaten. I have resorted to spanking and getting physical because I'm at my last rope. I get no breaks and parent 24/7 including all the night wakings. DH works and goes to school full time. He's never home. I also have a 6 1/2 month old. I'm lost. I am ready to have a nervous breakdown.
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