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Belly shape?

I know all pregnancies (and consiquently--how the babies are "Carried") are different...

So, how are you carrying your little one?

My beast of a boy is straight out and he used to be really high. Now that I've reached 38 weeks (today! Whoohoo!) he's slightly lower (I'm 5'2.. not much torso for playing around in!) and much more..."watermelon standing on it's top" (DH laughs and says he's going for his "sledge-o-matic" soon!) shape. I'm a-hopin' that means that he's in position to get this party started! Anyone else have this "shape" with their kiddo near the end (give me some HOPE he's coming soon!) ? It seems like the way that I'm carrying Samuel is pretty typical for boys.

Do you find girls give a more "rounder" shape than a distinctive big baby bump?
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