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Re: Belly shape?

Well, when this pregnancy started I always fantasized about having a big, round, nice symmetrical belly to show off.
But, my little baby had other ideas!
I have a long torso...oddly long for someone who is only 5'6. And having that long torso means I never really did get a big, round belly that looked like a basketball. It's always been shaped like an egg (yes, an egg) and low on my torso. I don't stick out much at all for being almost at the end, and I certainly look at pregnancy photos of my mother and think "wow, why dont I have a belly like that?".

Most people see me and ask when Im due...when I reply "next month" they get this shocked look and their face and go "wow, you are really small for being almost full term."

So, gone away are the days of hoping for a big ROUND belly. I guess I will settle for my slightly mishapen egg. (lol)
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