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Re: CD 14 and counting!!

Originally Posted by flutist
Carrie how do I get the link so you guys can take a look at mine? I clicked on what I posted here and it brought me to my chart, I only have the complimentary one, I don't pay for the advanced charting. So far my chart seems pretty weird my temps are all over the place, I'm not noticing any cm???

But on the better side I think I had a pos. OPK test today the lines looked pretty similar to me but as you said Carrie they aren't really good. I'm using the first response tests, and today the test line looked closer to the reference line than it ever has to me. We'll see we've been BDing like crazy in hopes that we'd hit the day right even if the OPK tests didn't say anything.

What is PCOS?
To get the URL to share your chart, I go to the 'sharing' button on the left of the FF site. Then go to home page setup and it will say on there that your charting homepage URL is....whatever.
PCOS- Polycystic ovary disease
You may not notice the CM because of the breastfeeding. For me, it is pretty scarce but if you check internally, you may find some.
Have you read Taking Charge of Your Fertility? Its a pretty valuable resource, I think, for this sort of stuff.
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