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Re: BIG daycare issue- WWYD?

I have to admit, it doesn't seem like a big deal at all to me. If your child was hysterical, I think it's in her better interest to calm down and have a teeny bit of formula rather that stay hysterical for however long.

The DC provider was trying her best to help your child. I think you're going to have to come out flat and say "I'd rather Bella scream than you give her juice/puffs/formula." Because when I did childcare, if I knew a parent would prefer I not give something, I wouldn't. But if the child was in hysterics, I'd do whatever I needed (that was safe) to calm her.

And ditto the others. I make sure Jack Milo ALWAYS has something to eat. No matter if I've just fed him 5 minutes before I leave him and I'll only be gone an hour.
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