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Re: Indoor Gross Motor Activities

DS did in-home PT for 3 years...

His therapist put strings on the floor and he had to jump over them. She'd put them about 18 inches apart, and have 3 or 4 in a row. As he got older, he had to walk ON the strings.

Play wheel barrow, where you hold his feet and he walks on his hands

Exercises balls work on core strength. Kiddo has to sit on it, and you roll the ball around, so he has to keep himself upright. Bouncing is good for sensory input too.

Put a trail of stickers on the floor. Kiddo has to squat down with the bum over his feet to get them.

Bear crawl. Crab crawl.

Roll kiddo up in a blanket, and kiddo has to get himself out.

Get some small cones and cut holes in the middle of some foam plates. Use them to make cone towers. You could accomplish the same thing with cardboard blocks, but kiddos love the cones. Then, kiddo has to kick the tower over. This is a really good one for motor planning.

Hop on one foot.

Wiggle dance...when the music is playing you wiggle. When mommy pauses it, you freeze.

Red light Green Light Yellow light (slow) Purple light (spin around like a helicopter) Blue light (hop on one foot)

I'm sure I'll think of more things we did as the night goes on.
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