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Re: Gaining too much weight, starving!

Thanks everyone :-)

I think most of you are right, and that I should stop stressing. Neither my OB nor my midwife are experts on multiple pregnancies, and evvverything I've read (that was worth reading) does place a huge emphasis on the correlation between maternal and fetal weight gain.

7 pounds in 2 weeks was just... well, a little scary.
How is that even possible, ya know?! I've weighed within the same 15 pounds range since the 8th grade! Consuming enough calories to equate to SEVEN POUNDS in TWO weeks didn't even seem possible to me until it happened!

DH is supportive and not critical of my appearance, but he's a fitness nut and anything related to weight puts him on the side of my practitioners.

I just get very worried when I start to fall out of normal ranges for anything. Lots of anxiety surrounding this pregnancy.

Thanks again everyone. :-)
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