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Re: Gaining too much weight, starving!

Try not to worry about it. As long as you are eating healthy foods, only eating when you're really hungry, don't have GD, and are getting some exercise, it's probably just how your body "does" pregnancy. I also think that plenty of emotional damage can be done by fixating too much on the numbers. I had such anxiety and stress about my weight gain during my first pregnancy but, like you, felt pretty helpless to slow it down -- I ate healthy foods as much as possible, but was just starving. All told, I gained 60 lbs and lost every pound by the time DS1 was 8 months old (not that it came off easily, but it did come off). When I got pregnant again, I told my doctor that I didn't want to discuss weight AT ALL and I refused to be weighed at my appointments. It cut down on the weight-gain stress a lot. (I think I gained around 50 lbs the second time and now, six months later, it's almost all off again).
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