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Re: Gaining too much weight, starving!

I'm glad you are reading the Twins, Trips and Quads book. It is a great nutrition guide. I don't think you have gained too much. With a twin pregnancy your stomach will get too squished toward the end to eat more than 1/2 a sandwich at a time, so it's important to put on fat stores now, so that later on your body can use that to help babies grow! I would suggest eating smaller meals more frequently, and drinking a protien shake at least once a day. I normally end up between 155-ish when delivering single babies, and I was over 170 with twins... I think it was probably 180-190, I stopped looking b/c it was depressing! I was about 130-135 when I got PG! So about double the weight gain! Mine were born healthy at 37 weeks 3days, 6-11 and 6-15! Best of luck to you, and don't worry about the wieght gain if you are eating healthy!
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