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Re: "l Can Read" Books . . .

We are heavy readers and we love books. The kids alone have 2 regular sized book cases- so more then double what you have. As a family we have 5 regular sizes book cases double stacked. We have an official library in our house. We have a lot of books. We also check out about 10 books a week from the library- usually a couple for me and the rest for the kids. We try to keep toys and clutter to a minimum but that doesn't apply to books. Library books are usually the early readers or non-fiction books on what ever dd is interested in this month. This month is dinosaurs, she goes back to dinosaurs often.

DD loves the early readers, especially now that she is reading. They were required to read books to the class last year and those are perfect for self reading or minimum help reading. They'll move on from them more quickly because they are for beginning readers, but I think they are worth it. They can always be sold or donated to the library later.
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