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I have three kids. I have nursed all of them to sleep. I always loved it, so convenient and easy. I believe the child's demeanor has more to do with bed time then the fact of nursing them to sleep.

My first, DS, still doesn't STTN. He is 3.5 yo and weaned 13 months ago. My dd that is 2 is so different. Between 9-12 months she would just stop nursing at bedtime and turn toward her crib. So i tried laying her down awake and she easily went to bed on her own. My third, dd2 is only 3.5 months old. I always nurse her to sleep but she has fallen asleep being held. And just this last week she woke up in the night, unusual for her, I nursed her & changed her and she didn't fall asleep nursing so I laid her in her crib...she fell asleep without a peep.

I think making bedtime stressful either on you or the child is pointless. Just my experience.

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