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Re: Does 27 & 30 seem young to say no more??

age-wise I don't think it is necesarily too young....
however, being "not-sure" is definitely a reason not to get anything permanent done

Actually, there are several forms of BC that are as effective as, or even MORE effective that sterilization..(seems odd, doesn't it?)

You could have a 5 or 10 year IUD put in....that would give you some time to think.....heck, I'd say 99% of people with 2 kids in 15 months would say, at least as a knee-jerk reaction, that they are done having kids (especially the men!)....but down the just don't know.
Also, Depo,despite its side effects, is almost impossible to get preggo on...really.
You can even double up with methods, copper IUD plus the pill plus condoms and abstaining during your fertile time. (dont laugh, I know people who've done it!) Or something less drastic, like nuvaring plus condoms, depo plus nfp, iud plus patch..etc.
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