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Re: any restrictions/rules for kids' clothing?

For our sons:
- Collared shirts (usually a polo) worn to school. We do not wear t-shirts or character anything to school. Only exception is that they wear the school's t-shirt on field trips.
- Sneakers worn to school. (No sandals/crocs or character shoes for school.) Jack has a pair of McQueen light up sneakers from Stride Rite that he got for his 4th Birthday. He can still wear them to play outside, but not to school.
- Rash guards in addition to swim trunks, no exceptions. This is more about skin protection than modesty.
- Character t-shirts are OK for playtime and days we just hang out at home, but I try to keep them to a minimum because I get sick of looking at them. This is mostly an issue with Jack because he is VERY into CARS.

For our daughter:

- She wears a rash guard and swim shorts to the beach/water park/splash pad. This is for both skin protection and modesty. Personally, I am against bikinis for little girls, this includes bikini bottoms with a rash guard.
- She has one or two tank dresses, but no spaghetti straps.
- Shorts with dresses while we teach her modesty and how to keep her dresses down.
- Dresses past the knee. She is pretty short, so this is not hard.
- Most of her character items are PJs (Dora & Princess.) I think she only has 1 or 2 Dora t- shirts.
- A typical outfit for her is stretch pants and a tunic length tee.

Generally, I am less picky about play clothes (as long as there isn't a modesty issue for dd) because I know they will be gifted things I don't love (like another Cars t-shirt) and my kids are pretty rough on them so they usually don't last long anyways.

Originally Posted by newbiemama View Post

WHAT DOES EVERYONE THING OF THIS RULE: When she's older, no shorts/skirts above the knee.
This will be our policy!
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