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cloth diapers at hospital/birth plans...what to do?

First, let me say our birth plan is NOT excessive in the least. It does contain the things that are vitally important to my health (migraine prevention) so I can take care of the baby.

I have tried twice to get into the ONE tour the hospital has each month; both times it was booked early. I called the coordinator of the L&D instead and explained to her that I would be doing things like cloth diapering, kicking people out of my room if they are wearing perfume, etc. Apparently, I cannot use the birthing tub because they use aromatherapy in it (that will surely knock me out cold!). Okay, I can deal with that.

She said she really didn't know what to do with my situation and referred me to the L&D unit coordinators; there are three. I went to leave a voicemail for the one, but she is on maternity leave. I left a message for the second, and she has not returned my call. I left a message with who I believe to be their supervisor and, again, nothing. I'm due in two weeks; this was several days ago. This was after several misrouted voicefiles; I think I've left four with various people.

So what to do?

My plans so far are:
1. Make a copy of my birthplan to put on the door, the bulletin board in the room (assuming they have one), my chart, and my doctor's office chart.
2. Make a huge sign for the same places indicating no perfume/cologne allowed.
3. Obviously, DH will be very vocal for me, and he will have a copy of the above to hand out.
4. Bring the cloth with (this eliminates the chemical/perfume smell of sposies) and use it whether they like it or not.
5. Have my oxygen prescription on file (required for migraine abortion); I require a specific setting with a certain type of mask. The coordinator assured me it would be available, but most oxygen places I've worked with don't even know what a Ventimask is.

My whole point in contacting them directly was so I could work WITH them, not AGAINST them. I'm sure there are things I can do to help them out in this so they comply with my needs. This isn't going to happen if they don't CALL ME BACK!

Any advice?

My next plan of action is to just go to L&D early and pull one of the unit coordinators off the floor and make them walk through the points with me, one at a time. I don't want to do this, but geez!
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