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Re: cloth diapers at hospital/birth plans...what to do?

Originally Posted by mrsbehaven007 View Post
I would get your dr to call them . and talk to someone .. Bc if you go into labor.. tomorrow.. they will wisk you in there.. and start doing what they usually do .. then you are fighting them.. it is better to try to get your dr involved..
I'm not worried about fighting them; been fighting docs for many years about various issues, ESPECIALLY this one. My DH definitely is as vocal as I am and very much the "wall" when it comes to getting things done for me. He was military management for a long time, so he is very "diplomatic" in getting things done.

I'm not worried about being wisked away and being out of control, but they need to know that, if they choose not to cooperate with these issues, they are compromising my ability to actually deliver this kid. It is to their benefit to work WITH me. I'd like them to know this BEFORE I get there!
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