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Re: Where is Admin?!?!?

I'm sorry, I had to speak up. This is ridiculous.

I can't believe how childish some members are being.

This is a diaper board. Like anything based on technology, 'it works until it doesn't'. So the site was slow for a few days, and has been up and down. This isn't a life- or career-ending situation. Nobody's forcing you to hang out here. I bet some people even got some good time away from the keyboard in the interim.

I think it's extremely rude for members--who are here as part of this community for free--to insult others on this board so freely. Upon reading this thread, I've seen members accuse admin of creating a contest thread to scam members for profit, of ignoring posts, of being irresponsible, and of trying to turn the boards into profit for their own gain. In addition, questions were asked that frankly, are really none of our business.

Nobody is proposing charging anybody to be a member here. The option previously discussed was that, to not see ads, you could pay so that you, personally, would not see ads. If you don't care, then it's still free, but you then see ads. If you're going to sling accusations, at least get the details right.

This is an online community. For the most part, people tend to run these things on volunteer time--at least until it gets really going, development time which can last years. From what previous admin have said is true, then Jo went into the red at times to keep the board going. If the primary admin and technical support staff are making some salary on it now, more power to them. Good! It's their board and their right. If you don't agree, vote with your feet. Go elsewhere, don't hang out here. Make your own board that's run the way you want. That's what comes with being admin of the board, you get to choose. It's your members who get to choose whether or not to hang out. See where I'm going with this?

I don't pretend to be great fans of the admin and admit there are things that have happened that I would've handled differently myself. But frankly, it's not the admin that're in the wrong here. The real problem here? It's not that the board slowed down. It's how fast things turned downright ugly on this thread when it did. This catty, adolescent behavior is just nasty, and frankly, I'm disappointed to see it.
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