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Re: Possible induction for high BP and really nervous

My biggest concern with breaking water artificially is the risk of cord prolapse or compression that wouldn't have happened without that intervention (most likely).

My best friend had two natural births and then was induced with her third. He ended up being posterior but she still managed to avoid the epidural even with the pitocin, and stay mobile enough for him to turn. She said that looking back she probably shouldn't have agreed to the induction, but the doctor was insisting. It's definitely possible to be induced and make it through without the epidural, although I personally wouldn't want to do it! But as much as I hate needles...I think that might be the option that I would prefer.
I agree that your body is probably ready enough that an induction would work; the part that I would worry about more are the risks associated with induction like cord prolapse, fetal heart rate issues, and risk of infection from the procedures that come along with the induction. But you aren't going into this blind; you can make choices that will be safest for you. Like, make SURE that baby is engaged and preferrably in the anterior position before allowing AROM, and limiting vaginal exams..etc.
If you have to be induced, make it work for you, and I hope that everything goes well!
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