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Also, any other previous preemie moms get irritated when someone refers to their 7lb+, 36 week baby as a preemie?

My SIL went into labor with her daughter at exactly 36 weeks on the same day I was admitted with my 23 weeker. Her FB Posts this week are all about how her "preemie" is a year old (the day before my son's one year birthday, had he survived) and how hard he had to fight being a preemie and all...

I want to set her on fire. D's birthday is on the 11th (Thursday) and she's been going on and on---and I did too when it was Smidget's birthday when he was one---but does she really have to claim that her daughter was a damn PREEMIE!?! If she'd had ANY NICU time at all (she didn't) or been small or born before 36 weeks, it wouldn't bother me, but SERIOUSLY!?!

And she sent my an invite to the party---on my dead son's birthday---even though I live 3,000 miles away!

This week is going to suck. Hope tomorrows ultrasound injects a little joy into an otherwise God-awful week and DH will be working 5am-9:30pm ALL week (he has tomorrow morning off for my appt, though).
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