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Re: What did you/ do you eat to help nasea in the first trimester?

I eat whatever sounds good. I listen to my body. I REALLY think that your body KNOWS what it needs and you crave what you need.

That being said. When I am in the early days...I can NOT make a meal out of anything that turns to mush (like most carbohydrates). It turns into mush into my stomach and comes right back up. I cant eat cereal while preggo. why.

What helps my M.S in the early days is to eat a protein filled meal first thing. Make a piece of peanut butter bread the second you get out of bed. Then keep eating protein throughout the day. Never let your stomach get to empty (or to full)

No matter what you arent going to get rid of M.S. 100%. Those are the things that helped me. I hope you start feeling better soon.
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