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Re: Does anyone else have a bf baby with excess spit-up?

If it's going across the room (seriously!!) then it's probably more of a reflux issue. Remember too though spit up looks like a lot but if you take a tablespoon of milk/water and spill it it looks like a lot too!!! ( that always helped me to stay calm!!)

Anyway my dd did have reflux but she was crying ALL the time with it. You could tell it was hurting her and she was spitting it across the room. It was aweful,once we got meds. though she was a new baby!!

Def. try burping in the middle of the feedings that'll help either way even if it is reflux. Also the doctor told me that it was fine to keep feeding a bf'd baby. If they have reflux it makes theyre belly feel better and he said to just let her nurse as much as she wanted. I did and most of the time she'd throw up on me. If I took it away she acted like she was starving until I gave it back and then she'd throw up on me! FUN Times those first couple of weeks!! LOL

Good luck. It's really hard to overfeed a bf'd baby so I wouldn't worry about it. is a GREAT place to read about reflux. It def. helped me with tips on what to do.

((hugs)) You're doing great, keep it up!!
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