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Re: PLEASE help me with my kids bedtime!

Originally Posted by Terra View Post
It can be rough. You've already gotten some good input, so I don't have a whole lot to add.

The one idea I've had and done is to give "free moment pass". Set the amount that you won't. 1,2,3, etc. You make up these "Free moment" passes. If you say 2 times, give them two passes. They let you know, they give you a pass [for a drink, bathroom, for you to come in to answer a question, give a hug, etc.] Once, they use all passes, that's it. They know they are not allowed out of their bed/room anymore. Gradually wean down the pass until it is none.

I would suggest putting the the 2.5 year old to bed 1/2 hour before as well if that would work for you.
Aside from that, as the PP'ers said you can wait outside the door and anytime they try to come out, you don't say anything but direct them back to bed. It may be many times the first couple of nights, but it does go down.

Good luck!
I might try putting the toddler to bed earlier. Put him to bed at 8pm like normal, then put the older two to bed at 8:30... I don't know if DS3 would go to sleep in half an hour or not...... hm? Worth a try though.

God bless!
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