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Re: PLEASE help me with my kids bedtime!

Originally Posted by Dmpmercury View Post
I used to sit in the room with the toddler if they couldn't put themselves to bed yet and any time they got wiggly or made a lot of noise I told them to shh it is time to calm our bodies. I had to do that with my older two when they were toddlers. If they got really bad I would give them a warning then walk out of the room and come back and tell them I will sit with you if you are calm and ready to go to bed. Once they learned to be calm I would then work on them putting themselves to sleep. At first I walk out and tell them I had to do something I would be back in a bit. Eventually I just start telling them night night it is time to go to bed. I always have the kids go potty before bed. I do not let them come out of the room for things like drinks and potty because it just excuses. If they tried to come out of the room I calmly bring them back in and say it is time for bed. They all share a room.
This is actually how I started to get DS3 to bed when we stopped nursing to sleep..... It's just since we moved him into his brother's room that the major "bed time issues" have arisen. But most of you have the same advice.. .so we'll give it a try tonight!

God bless!
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