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Re: Newborn stash planning anyone?

Originally Posted by bananaclip View Post
I am planning now too (for a first baby). I just offered to buy a stash for sale here for $100, thinking, phew, done with that!

But my alternate plan was:

24 cotton GMD prefolds
2 wool overnight soakers
1 (or 2) thin wool day covers
5 PUL type covers

I live in a small non-corporate complex with 4 other units and two sets of washer dryers that are included in the rent, right under me, as easy washing in my own house. The washer and dryers are almost always unused. So I plan to wash every night. I *hate* things that smell. I take the trash out sometimes twice a day. I was considering keeping the diaper pail outside on the little patio off the babies room.

Any suggestions on the plan?
Hey it's the mama with the ninja baby! Welcome to August previously I used a trash can with a lid and never had stink issues. I would not keep them outside, however. If you are washing daily you should be good
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