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Re: 5 weeks overdue and still not in labor?

Originally Posted by joeslittlewoman View Post
I believe it is possible. was born 33 days after I was due. Midnight the morning mom was supposed to be induced she went into labor. I was the only live baby my mom had naturally. Induced with my bros, super late me, late miscarriage at 20ish weeks, csection that I think came after induction at 39weeks for sis.

I know my body was showing the slightest signs of labor when I was due with my 2nd at 42 weeks. Irregular light contractions, no cervical change at all. My first babe was induced 40w4d, csection 40w6d, zero signs of labor. I think some of us just gestate longer. A mw we are considering said we would expect a 43 weeker and suggested some homeopathic remedies she would give me to try to make sure we had a baby by 43weeks. I am CERTAIN of my dates every time. I chart, have to have early meds not to miscarry, and have early dating u/s.

Eta: I know a girl in my town that just went to almost 44weeks before she gave in to an induction. Obviously I wasn't checking her cervix/temps/etc while she was ttc, lol, but early u/s are pretty common around here, so I'll take her word.
I totally get 40 weeks, I don't consider that abnormal at all or gestating "longer" given that humans are designed to gestate to 40 weeks.

But fortyFIVE weeks and still no signs of labor? Ehh....
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