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Re: August 2010 Babies- Summer 2011 Chat

Originally Posted by TheQuirkyCat View Post
Hi everyone! I haven't been around much, either. Life is busy with the new babies, eh? Glad to hear that things are going well.

Julie will be 11 months old in about a week (how did the time go by so quickly?) and she has just figured out how to crawl over the past few days. She had been so content to sit still, then slowly picked up rolling. Now that she's crawling she's suddenly into pulling herself up, so I think we'll have a walker in no time.

Her reflux is pretty much gone, too. She still spits up on the rare occasion, but for the most part she's outgrown it. She loves to eat, too!

For a long time I was sooo not interested in thinking about baby #3. I thought waiting until Julie is 2 or 3 would be fine. Yet, overnight, baby fever has come on! Funny thing is that this was about the time that I started pining for baby #2. Must be hormonal, or maybe the realization that your peanut is going to be a year old. I'm kinda jealous of the pregnant ladies here
I'm a little jealous too Not sure when SO will want to try for another baby though.

Originally Posted by Ladyinwaiting72 View Post
Introducing myself. My Aug'10 baby was born on 8/3.

She's got two top n two bottom teeth.
She's standing from seated position (unassisted)
She's only taken 1-2 steps unassisted.
She's saying: "hello" at the sight of a new face and a phone, dada, and "uh oh" when she drops something. & num num when she wants food, & baba when she wants a bottle.

Just started cloth (part time) last week using GroBaby & GroVia covers.

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Heather has been practicing standing this past week. I don't think she'll walk until she masters standing - Holly was the same way. She also gives kisses now, which are actually more like a big lick but it's so cute.
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