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Re: On the PTing topic..FRUSTRATED with lazy plearner..

Mama, though your dd may know the signs of needing to go pee, she may just not be ready. Most kids will potty learn on their own by 4 yrs old. Both of my kids were PL by 3yrs 8mos (boy) and 3yrs 6mos (girl). No stress, very few accidents and the kids were willing.

My sil does what you're doing and she seriously ends up PT the kids for almost 2 years (she starts at about 2.5). It becomes a power struggle. Kids don't have control over very much, and they can make this a huge issue.

If I were you, I'd keep her in dipes unless she asks to be in undies. Then I'd allow that as long as she can be responsible to go on the toilet. If she has an accident, it's back into the diaper with no condemnation, just a "we'll try again later" and her helping to clean up her mess. I'd also offer the toilet a couple of times a day (would you like to go sit on the potty?) and let her decide. She may say no most of the time.

I guess this was a long way of saying RELAX. She will get it on her own. I was prepared to go to 5 yrs old with my son because he had ZERO interest, but then one day 4 months before he turned 4, he asked to sit on the potty and from that point on was completely potty learned. DD was PL the way I described above.

Hang in there Mama, it will happen sooner or later. All kids have their own timeclock.
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