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Re: On the PTing topic..FRUSTRATED with lazy plearner..

Hmm...I'm not really sure what to tell you. DJ was the same way until recently. He has (and has had for quite a while) complete control of peeing and pooping. He would hold it when he wanted to and he would go when he wanted to. He just didn't care. I thought that the answer was putting him in underwear. I figured that as long as I had him in diapers (or trainers) going to the potty was an option but if I put him in underwear he'd figure out that he had to use the potty. WRONG! He would pee (or poop) in his pants, and go right on playing...sometimes even laughing about it. The only person it was bothering was me. I finally decided to just roll with it and I'd start him out in underwear but if he made it clear that he wasn't in the mood to use the potty (usually if he wet his pants twice that was my limit, depending on his attitude about it) I'd just put a trainer or diaper on him. I figured if he didn't care, there was no point in me stressing out about it. Suddenly, a couple of weeks ago, I guess something clicked for him because he's been using the potty most of the time. It's kind of funny...sometimes he'll ask me "Do I have a diaper on?" and that's my cue to get him to the bathroom quick. He's had a couple of accidents in the past couple of weeks but for the most part, he's over whatever that hump was now. He was kind of like your dd too in that he was really good about going to the potty when he had nothing better to do (you know, dinner time, bedtime, in the car, etc. but when he was playing, he was just too busy to stop what he was doing for even a minute. Hopefully your dd will get through whatever it is sooner rather than later.
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