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Re: August 2010 Babies- Summer 2011 Chat

Hello everyone! I don't come to DS too often now that I've found MDC but since my ddc is on here I decided to check in. Logan will be ten months old tomorrow! He is all ready walking a little, six steps is his record. We haven't been doing the well baby checks since around three months but he will be getting weighted on Friday and I'll try to remember to post his stats. He eats and sleeps soo much still, we've been doing child lead weaning and he eats almost as much as his three year old sister! His favorite game is playing with his shadow on the wall or 'chasing' the shadows of leaves on the wall. I've been having a tough time with a 'real' job so in May I started working at home so I get to share my whole day with him it's so awesome. I really don't want to put him in a daycare until he is one if I can keep pulling this off for that long! I start nursing school to become an RN right after he turns one so he'll have to be in daycare then..
Oh REI, I know what you mean about teachers in CA my older sister has her credential but can't find any work aside from substitute at the local schools.
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