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Re: August 2010 Babies- Summer 2011 Chat

Originally Posted by 2208 View Post
She also gives kisses now, which are actually more like a big lick but it's so cute.
That is cute. YDD has just started to point and grunt for things she wants. She will babble with consonants occasionally (just enough that I know she can) but doesn't do it very often and has no words at all yet. She is 11 months today.

She has been able to stand up from sitting unassisted for a long time now, and has taken 2-3 steps on her own several times over the last month. It is pretty much every day now I will see her at least once take a few steps on her own. Every day I think she must be going to start walking soon, but she doesn't... she still plops on her butt after those 2-3 steps. With ODD once she took a few steps it was just a week or two later she was full blown walking. Of course she was also almost 14 months old when that happened... It is going to be anticlimactic at this point when she finally does start walking since she has been dragging it out so long!
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