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Re: Do your kids' names have family meaning?


DD is Victoria Elizabeth. MIL was Veronica Elizabeth. We call her Torie for the uniqueness (less affliation with a person).

Baby #2 will be:

If boy: Lukas James (my great grandfather was Lukasz, James- my husbands great grandfather).

If girl: Eloise Jane. Growing up there was a little old lady who didn't have any children and lived across from me, her name was Louise. She was important to me and I always wanted Louise (infact that's what I wanted to name dd but DH didn't like it). Now that we are pregnant again, while I do like Louise my nicknames for Louise became popular here. So I went with a varietation. My husband and I both have an aunt jane in the family.

If baby 2 is a boy or girl, nickname is "LJ". LJ is the uniqueness so there is less affiliation with anyone.
-Kathy, a WOHM mom to Victoria (11/11/07) and Lukas James (11/6/2012)!

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