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Re: Opinions on Piddle Pads (and prefolds)?

I never used piddle pads-- if what you're referring to are the doggy piddle pads or the medical/hospital pads called chux. I already had two waterproof mattress pads from my older DD when I decided to start ECing DS at 5 weeks. So I would lay him on the waterproof mattress pad for tummy time or naked time, on top of a prefold or old towel to just absorb any pees. I also used prefolds with a snappi and cover if I wasn't watching him for cues (like if I was cooking or having to attend to his older sister). I was not and am not diaper-free with him.

You could use an old wool blanket, but you'll probably want to wash it frequently. If you have old towels, you could certainly just use a couple of those padded on top of each other. I found a size of 3 feet x3 feet to be sufficient until DS started crawling at 5 months, and then all bets were off. We've been peeing in diapers most of the time since then, as he's too mobile to sit on the potty much. I am also using pocket diapers instead of PFs, as he won't hold still to let me pin the PFs, and the snappi's 3rd leg keeps hanging loose and I'm worried it will hurt him.

But, I am not an expert at ECing by any means. There are mamas on here who have EC'ed more than 1 kid. DS is my first kid I have tried to EC. His older sister was conventionally potty-trained. Maybe a more experienced mama will chime in.
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