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Re: Opinions on Piddle Pads (and prefolds)?

Originally Posted by tandiwe76 View Post

I'm planning to EC from birth, and am wondering what people think about piddle pads?

Like, what type of material works best?
-How big?
-What brands have you found to be good?
-Anything to look for / or avoid?
-Can I just use an old wool blanket?
-What situations did you use piddle pads in most of the time?

Also, how do prefolds fit into the picture?

Originally Posted by poopstermomma View Post
What's a piddle pad?
I have a wool one on DD's co-sleeper and a larger one on our king bed and I love them. I would use them whether or not I EC'd. We got 1 with the cosleeper when we bought it used, and I liked it so much I bought the other (also used b/c they're so expensive). I use them instead of a waterproof mattress cover. I'd think a wool blanket would work fine. The ones I have are just thinner than a wool blanket would be. The prefold-trick works too. With the wool, you don't have to wash it every time it gets pee'd on. When DD was tiny, I kept it on top of the sheets and put a thin receiving blanket over it so it was soft to lay on. Now that she's 5 mo and not leaking as much, I use it under the sheets. It doesn't absorb a pee, so if LO's going diaperless we still put a prefold under her.
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