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Originally Posted by ankc
Just a little vent here...
My U/S has now been bumped up tomorrow at 10:45. I think I am 7 Weeks+3? I am a wreck to say the least- I had the appointment for next Wednesday into my 8th week and was more comfortable with this but I had to reschedule
They could only get me in tomorrow or in 2 or more weeks so I went with tomorrow... Everything seems to be normal here- sore breasts, lots of cm, waves of sick feeling that come and go- today I actually felt good and was able to eat but 2 days ago I could barley look at food never had a bit of MS with my 2 boys ever so this is new for me... I am just terrified of going in and nothing being there or no HB or any of the other bad things 7 years ago I went in for a scan and there was no HB at 8 weeks I had to have a DandC the following week. I then went on to have a healthy son the following year but that sheer terror of the U/S will never leave me.
I've been there a few times. :/

My hardest ultrasound was an 11w ultrasound where I'd seen a healthy bean 2 weeks before and they found no more heartbeat. Baby had stopped a few days after my ultrasound

Having lost a baby at nearly every point, every appointment feels like that until she's kicking me constantly so I know she's alive before they start!

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