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Re: Tested this morning...

Originally Posted by Moonprysm View Post
Well, with DS, I have severe hip problems starting really early in the pregnancy. Went to a physical therapist and she said that the hormones released during pregnancy were allowing the muscles that hold my sacrum in place to stretch, causing the immence pain I was in. For the past week, that pain has come back, to the point where I can't walk sometimes. I also had SEVERE acid reflux the whole time I was pg, to the point where they had to put me on Prevacid. It went away as soon as DS was born. Now it's back.

A few days ago I had some pain in my abs that felt exactly like those ligaments stretching the way they did when I was pg. On top of it all, I've been totally absent minded (drove 40 miles into town TWO DAYS IN A ROW, got there and realized I didn't have my wallet, checkbook or anything), dizzy, exhausted, and naseaus.

And about a day after the ab pains, I started having lower back cramping like AF is coming.

And AF really isn't due, per say. I haven't seen her since July of 2004. So that doesn't help much.

I don't think DH was trying to be mean. I had said something about "I guess I'm starting" or something when the back pains started, and he was like, "Let's just hope you're not ending." Which I'm thinking a lot about, really. With my first son, I NEVER got a positive POAS. But when I miscarried at 12 weeks, it was obvious. I'm wondering if I never got a pos. maybe because my body wasn't making enough Hcg or whatever, and that's why I miscarried? Which could be the same thing that's happening now, if I think about it. But I really don't wanna think about it.

Sorry for the novel! lol Bless you if you've read all of this.
If that is the case I would call your doctor, maybe you are pregnant. I would go and check with him/her if I were you. If for nothing else, to put your mind at ease.
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