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Re: chicken drama help

Originally Posted by Nielsen6 View Post
She might just be a bully or she might be bored. Also maybe watch to see she is eating properly. Seperate her for awhile, might curve her behaviour.

Also please don't give your chicks dog or cat food, it's really is not good for them.

Acceptable treats may be a good idea, maybe hand a head of lettace hung up for them to pick at. My chicks really like canned corn and boiled eggs. Dried mealworms are a big favorite too, I get them at my local Farm Fleet.

Don't over-do the treats though, they may stop eating the food then.

About the dog come? We give our chickens a handful of dogfood everyday. They love it, and they have all done very well. It also seems to strengthen their shells. It seemed like they were craving more protien than was in the feed, and we've done this for like a year and a half and I haven't seen any ill effects. My chickens are free range, so I'd say they get more protien than cooped chickens (lots of bugs). What's bad about dog food? Sometimes our cat gets into the chicken food too. Is that bad?

As far as the OP...I would try dog food, lol. And make sure they have plenty of space--as much as possible. I don't know if you live under regulations, but I would try to get 1 rooster, if possible. Sometimes a hen will start bullying and acting like a rooster if there is none present. Remove the one that's being picked on if there is blood, or they will kill her, and then probably start in on each other. If you can't give them any more room, try to keep them from getting bored. Good luck!
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