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Re: Reassure me daycare is ok!

I am a SAHM and DH works nights, so our DS doesn't do regular daycare. But we are lucky enough to have a GREAT small inhome daycare just two doors down from us and DS goes there sometimes in the afternoons for a couple hours if we want to get out and do something skans kid (or somewhere not kid friendly). He loves it SO much that we joke that he sees them outside sometimes playing when it's just us and him at home and I swear if he was old enough (he is 2) he'd ask if he can have $5 and go play at daycare for an hour...LOL

Honestly I used to be pretty anti - daycare but if you have a social kid, the kiddo will love it.

I personally would use an inhome daycare that you trust vs a center, but that's just my personal opinion. My mom used to do inhome daycare when I was school aged and I know a few people who do them now.

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