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Re: How long till pp cycle regulates?

I got my first af 4 months pp and I'm sure thats when I started ovulating too. a couple cycles I ovulated day 19 some day 14 and some day 12. the first few cycles were 5 weeks but everything from then on has been regulated. also the first few cycles pp I had alot of CM after ovulation. so like the other posted said- dont rely on that for a few cycles. I am almost 10 months pp and am still exclusively breast feeding. My DH has a very unique way of looking at birth control. Here is his take on condoms, hormonal birth control and pulling out: since these methods are not 100% reliable the 1%? failure rate could result in a less than healthy baby because of a weak sperm could escape and get to the egg without having to compete with the stronger sperm. in the case of BC he is worried about a damaged egg getting fertilized. that being said-its an all or nothing deal. he gives me the choice if I want to take a risk that particular day. Its not a big deal b/c Im only fertile 1 week out of the month. usually we just abstain that week. I hope you are getting a good price on your house in kentucky. houses here in southwest florida are dirt cheap b/c we have been hit pretty hard by the depression. one man was selling his 3 or 4 high-end condos for 4k. he just wanted to cover his closing costs. talk about despair! so dont worry too much. hope everything works out!
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