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Originally Posted by cathplyr
I got my first af 4 months pp and I'm sure thats when I started ovulating too. a couple cycles I ovulated day 19 some day 14 and some day 12. the first few cycles were 5 weeks but everything from then on has been regulated. also the first few cycles pp I had alot of CM after ovulation. so like the other posted said- dont rely on that for a few cycles. I am almost 10 months pp and am still exclusively breast feeding. My DH has a very unique way of looking at birth control. Here is his take on condoms, hormonal birth control and pulling out: since these methods are not 100% reliable the 1%? failure rate could result in a less than healthy baby because of a weak sperm could escape and get to the egg without having to compete with the stronger sperm. in the case of BC he is worried about a damaged egg getting fertilized. that being said-its an all or nothing deal. he gives me the choice if I want to take a risk that particular day. Its not a big deal b/c Im only fertile 1 week out of the month. usually we just abstain that week. I hope you are getting a good price on your house in kentucky. houses here in southwest florida are dirt cheap b/c we have been hit pretty hard by the depression. one man was selling his 3 or 4 high-end condos for 4k. he just wanted to cover his closing costs. talk about despair! so dont worry too much. hope everything works out!
Thanks for sharing your experience. It's just weird not being able to tell what's going on with my body when I am usually able too. AF is still MIA and I'm now 6 days late. I'll probably test again tomorrow (was going to test today but I forgot when I woke up and I like to use fmu). I have been having some cramping and bloating off and on for a few days, but I've had a little bit of gluten the last few days so could be the cause. I was also nauseous last night, but that could be my gall bladder. I'll just have to wait and see.

Real estate in this county is a little different than in other parts of the state or country. It's still a lot higher, it's come down a little, but not a lot. But we were very blessed to find an awesome deal! I'm really excited about the house we found and it's in our budget. I was starting to think we'd have to settle for a tiny starter home to get in a good neighborhood. I can't wait to get into our beautiful new home.

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