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Re: Gahh!! This is why so many cloth newbies have laundry issues!

Originally Posted by cdwelton View Post
I had this same problem with a few people last week. My IRL friend was having BAD ammonia and was using 1 Tbs of detergent. I told her to use more (I use 1/4 cup) and this girl got all over my case saying that will cause repelling. HER DIAPERS STINK, THEY ARE DIRTY! She said no more than 2 Tbs. Pssssh. That might work for some, but if your diapers stink use more.

I also think it's crazy when people think that ammonia is because of detergent build up?? No.
For real. People are crazy! When clothes are super dirty..don't you add MORE detergent? So why not with diapers?! Makes no logical sense to me. I love me some Tide
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