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how do I lose 10 lbs when i hate all healthy food!

Since quiting smoking in March i have gained 15lb. I need to lose 10, the extra 5 can stay as i was a little too skinny before. It order to not smoke i had been munching during my "smoke" times. Now i look in the mirror with dread. Half of my clothes don't fit right anymore. And i feel like crap a lot, the food i have been eating doesn't sit well after i eat. My problem is that i don't like most fruits veggies or nuts so i have no idea what to eat. I live off carbs and sugar.
I tried working out a couple months ago (30 day shred) but only made it 10 days in with little success. I lost maybe 2lbs but toned my muscles up a bit. This was during that horrible heat wave in July so i was eating ice cream like every day. The work out itself isn't what made me quit though. I quit because my back, knees and wrists hurt (the wrists were unrelated to working out but its hard to do push ups when your wrist keeps giving out).
I want to lose 5lbs by the end if the month but don't know where to start. I tried the my fitness pal app on my phone but kept running out of calories by dinner. I think i will start doing it again though, i just need ideas of what to eat.
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