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Re: how do I lose 10 lbs when i hate all healthy food!

You unfortuneately need to eat less of your carbs or eat healthy. It is a life style change like quitting smoking. I did the same after quitting. It was then hard to quit carbs, but I did that too. Try frozen fruit. It is cold and refreshing and very sweet. Works well for munchies. I can eat a huige bowl of it and feel full and not gain. Worth looking into. Black cherries, berries, and medleys are the best. Can be bought in the pie section of the freezer at the grocery store. It really helped me tame my need for carbs and sweets.

Hard candy too can help as you eat less, and you can have more for your cal intake. Stay away from chocolate, ice cream, etc. If you must, try WW brand as it will have less calories than other brands.
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