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Re: i just want to ask...why only when its medical?

To the OP:
I know this thread began because of statements by me and one other mom(who I didn't see posting in this thread at all). I am sorry for your hurtful past experiences That shouldn't happen to anyone. I am also a rape survivor, so I can commiserate with some of the emotions in the aftermath of such a violation.
As to my feelings on your specific situation, I honestly don't feel it appropriate to pass judgement on individuals. I was making statements in that thread that I stand 100% by on a general level. I was not speaking of or to any one mother in particular.

Originally Posted by abcdeasons View Post
I thoroughly suggest that you seek some counseling (tricare covers the first 8 visits free, at the very least. Once you've established that you have sexual abuse in your past, they will continue to cover visits as long as you need them) Avoiding the trauma won't make it better. If having a child on your breast brings the trauma to the surface in a strong way, chances are that you're still dealing with the trauma. I'm not sure if you're a Christian. If you are, you know that if you bring that hurt and pain to God, he'll take it away from you. So long as you hold onto the trauma, it will hurt you. I'm sure that there is a place of complete forgiveness, and I'm sure that it's the only way to heal.

Again, sorry if I ruffled feathers. It's obviously a subject that is near to me.
I agree with this. (except the Christian part, I'm not Christian, but perhaps it applies to the OP) I also would like to suggest that perhaps talking to non-professionals is not as thorough as you may think it is. Professionals can offer a different sort of help than those emotionally involved in your life. Time alone does not heal all wounds. I hate that statement because it so glaringly misguided.

Originally Posted by ashleykaymay View Post
ok well this is a response to the prescription thing...what happens to you bfing if something happens to your milk or you are hurt and can't feed your baby...does your baby starve because it is 11 o clock on a friday night and you can't find a doctor or a pharmacy to give it to you....or do you go to the store and get it? take it from someone who ran out of formula before. this again is not meant snarky...i am just pointing out that maybe that is too far.
This just wouldn't happen. Milk doesn't just "dry up" from one feeding to the next. And being "hurt" would not render one unable to breastfeed.
Were formula not available OTC, there would be systems in place to make formula available in true emergencies. Additionally, if more mothers breastfed, breastmilk would be more readily available. You would be much more likely to have friends with EBM on hand or who were lactating and willing to nurse your baby for you. Some of my friends and I have a go-to back up plan for how to get our babies breastfed in case of a true emergency. My son, now being over 12 months, would not need this since he can subsist ok on solids if needs be. But prior to 12 months, I have friends that would have nursed him or pumped for him.
As for running out of formula.... I FF my first son and never ran out. That was something way too important to take a chance with.
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