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Re: I really do love nursing my baby...

Have you tried a paci? I know a lot of BFing moms don't like to use them, but it seems like its the only way I can get to the grocery store without DD melting down. She's 7 weeks now and I am able to leave her for 1.5-2 hours to run to the grocery store. DH knows I'm just a phone call away and if he can't get her calmed down or he can tell she's really hungry he calls me and I hurry home. She's our 3rd child also, so he's dealing with our 2 and 4 yr olds also.

Giving any formula is a bad idea, especially if she's never had it. you are introducing all kinds of allergens into their virgin guts. You have no idea how it will affect them. I would do that as a last ditch - there are absolutely no other options sort of thing. I have the 3 kids and manage to pump 2-3 times a day to get ready to go back to work. I"m able to put at least 2oz per day away, mostly 4oz per day. I usually pump first thing in the morning while the kids are eating breakfast and after DD has nursed and is asleep again. If you always pump at the same time your body will respond by making more milk at that time of day. I usually manage to pump again sometime in the mid-afternoon between 12 and 3pm. DD takes a long nap and so about 1.5 hours into her nap I pump. And then I pump at night before bed, but usually only get a small amount. If I am too tired I skip this one.

I would also suggest trying to pump one side while baby is nursing on the other side. You get better letdowns that way and you can let baby nurse after and it stimulates more milk production.

I understand wanting some "me" time, especially with 3 kids. But having the goal of BFing for 1 yr is so important to your LO. Surely you can do this for your baby!!! I nursed my last for 22 months and worked the entire time. You can do this!!! I also highly recommend going to a La Leche League meeting for support. Those women are very knowledgeable and are a great support network! Good luck!
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