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Re: I really do love nursing my baby...

I would try feeding one side only for the first couple of morning feedings when you have the most milk and then pumping the other side. Then you can build up a small supply of milk to have on hand for if you want to run some errands or something. Having frozen milk has helped me tremendously so I can leave DS with his granny while me and his dad run errands or go on a date He's 8 weeks old now and has no problems switching from breast to bottle. We use the MAM antic colic bottles, any bottle like that with the nipple that is closest to mom in shape is a good idea. When I'm with him, he only nurses but if I have to be away from him he gets expressed milk from a bottle. He's only had formula a bit here and there in case of emergency, it helped me keep my sanity a while back when my nipples were cracked and bleeding, that was awful and those couple of bottles helped keep me from giving up so it all worked out. We got a lot of samples of formula in the mail so I shouldn't have to ever buy a can LOL especially now that I have plenty of pumped milk in the fridge.
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