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Re: (UPDATED with US Photos) Bulging fluid at base of head/down syndrome?

If I could make a suggestions.... Im willing to bet that there are some ultrasound tech's on this forum. Can't hurt to post in off topic and ask. Ask for any ultrasound tech's to PM you or to come view this thread. Maybe they can shed some light on this for you.

My gut feeling is that it is NOT down's or anything else serious. It looks to me (and I am by no means a doctor) like it's a pocket of fluid. If you notice, the baby gives off this white glow. The mass that we see is a gray and black color, much like the fluid around the baby. So my "guess" is that it's a pocket of skin with fluid inside. Now, that could be a million things. Chances are it could vanish (if this is the case) or it could be something minor like a cyst.

Please keep us posted as to what they find. I'll be praying for you and your baby!
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