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I was in the same situation (minus the pregnancy) with my 14 month old. We are currently in the process of using Dr. Jay Gordon's nightweaning method. It is going better than I expected. The first 3 nights where I nursed for a couple minutes and then unlatched him. Then after those 3 nights, DH takes care of all the wakenings between 11 and 6. He's only had to get out of bed and rock him once. The rest of the time DH has been able to pat his bottom and cuddle him. One night was terrible,(the night DH rocked him) but when I tried to help it just got worse as he didn't understand cuddling with Mom and not nursing. Letting DH do it has worked the best for us. Last night I nursed him down at 7ish, then again at 10 when he woke, and he didn't wake again until 2:30!!!! And, DH was able to get him back down in under 5 minutes. It's working!!! And DH has commented that in the last couple days I've been in a better mood than I have in MONTHS. Do it for your sanity. It is soooo worth it!

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