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Originally Posted by AnimalHouse

None would be wonderful... but his 3-4am feeding is when he really nurses, and seems to still need that one. And as crazy as it sounds, I kind of enjoy the peaceful nursing session that we have at the time. Between my other two kids, and DS3 being the ultimate drive-by nurser during the day, our nursing sessions are anything but relaxing, so that one early morning feeding is kind of special .
DS was the same way as far as the 3am feeding. I was worried about cutting that feeding out because that was the one time he really seemed to eat. However, I decided when we weaned him at night I didn't want to confuse him by not going to him sometimes and then going him to other times. I honestly think it would make it harder to wean because they aren't sure if you are going to come this time or not, so they will just keep on crying in the hopes you are going to come. In my opinion, I think it would be harder on your LO if you take this approach to weaning because it'd be confusing to them.
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