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Re: When Do We Worry About Fevers??

I personally don't ever take my kids to the ER unless it is a trauma. Luckily, I can call my pediatrician at home to run anything by him...that being said, my kids run high fevers everytime they have a fever - they never run a fever of 101 - it is always 103+...they respond well to ibuprofen and cold liquids, a cool compress and a lukewarm bath, if needed. I would only take mine to the ER if I could not get the fever to respond to these measures. Remember, a fever is your body's way of fighting off infection, so it isn't really a bad thing. Today, Hutch's temp was 102.8 under his arm (add a degree, so 103.8) - we called the ped to be sure, he said it sounds viral (which is what I thought, too - no other symptoms), just keep an eye on him, cool him down, give him the Motrin, call him back if the fever hasn't gone down in 45 minutes.
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