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Re: Thinking about pulling DS out of public school

Your son is 5? Don't do K12. Don't do any of the online homeschools. However, there will be many individual programs that will be very useful!

You want simple and fun. Education that teaches your kids how to learn, makes them hungry to learn and gives them critical thinking skills.

I HIGHLY suggest you start with Five in a Row (FIAR) and if you want then add Math U See. These are pretty inexpensive. FIAR is amazing. You can get almost everything from the library or invest in the books...because you have others coming. There are online resources that help you to expand the basic curriculum and they are FREE!

You WILL be amazed as you hear your son BEG for you to read it again!

I have a couple of years of curriculum either printed out or in Google Docs. I think, also have a years worth of Galloping the Globe, which we did 2 yrs ago. I will gladly share! I document everything easily in Google Docs!

You CAN do this! I have been HSing for 11 years. I began with my 1st born DD. She was diagnosed as having severe ADHD after her vax for kindy. She became a completely different child in 24 hrs. Believe me the 1st three years were hair pulling! I worked and went to school, then. It took 3 years to detox her, modify her behavior and bring her back from the brink. Now, you'd never know she has ADHD unless you spent a lot of time with her! She is self motivated, bright, ambitious, loving, generous and a really hard worker....she could easily run our home if something happened to me!

I began with Sonlight Curriculum, which I won't recommend! I had very little mentoring and no one EVER told me that I didn't have to complete every piece of the curriculum each year. No one told me that I didn't have do to read-alouds each day until my voice was gone and no one ever told me that I didn't have to spend tons of money. I wish someone had pointed out the pitfalls, told me that this book or that book would BORE us all to death and guided me through, but I got thrown to the wolves! It was ONLY by God's Grace that we continued and now, thrive!

Your goal is not to drill useless information into your sons head! Your goal is to give him the skills he needs for life! You know your son better than anyone! You will both learn so much and grow together. GO FOR IT!
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