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**Update**Is this normal...warning long, sorry

Hey everyone,
I am trying to determine if my 2 week old son's nursing habits are normal for his age. He feeds constantly. There will be times during the day he feeds for hours (or at least wants to nurse for hours). He goes longer between feedings at night, about 3 hours. During the day though he usually feeds about every hour. The hard part is is it takes him ~40 minutes or so to finish so by the time the diaper gets changed he is at it again. Is this normal? Does there get to be a more predictable eating schedule? He has a pedi appt tomorrow so I am going to talk to her and possibly the LC at the hospital where I delivered. I have watched the videos on kellymom and it looks like the latch is good and he seems to be swallowing alot, but he can't fit that much food in his little belly can he?! Sorry this is so long...

Update: Thanks again everyone. Our pedi is very breastfeeding supportive, she even does support groups with an LC. She examined him today and referred us to a ped ENT to look at his frenulum. She thinks he isn't severly tongue tied (she talks about a scale of 1-4 the LC uses, but she didn't know where he would fall), but she thinks he may not be able to nurse efficiently right now. So, we will see what the ENT says...
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